Looking at ourselves=liking what we see. Not such an immediate equation – Vogue.it.

“It has nothing to do with beauty or elegance. Many good-looking women feel inadequate. Unable to compare with other women. They are always more attractive or, in any case, better.”

…”They say that brides are all beautiful. Because on that very day at least, they are happy. Happiness or better, serenity, must be pursued in all those circumstances that are truly significant for us. And friendship may be of great help. It really hurts reading posts that reveal a state of bitterness, unhappiness and loneliness where illness is just around the corner, if not already underway. Nobody, only the fool, feels perfect and always on top of all circumstances.”

“Marie in her Friday comment wrote that we must believe. Yes, like in ‘being faithful’, but also believing in human relationships. Beauty is not the only factor required to succeed. It helps. But also less attractive women can find a way to improve, and enhance some of her physical or intellectual assets. And what’s on the inside often shows on the outside.”

Right now, I came across this wonderful post from the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, that I love to read. I decided to post this link, because it reflects my exact thoughts about the perception of our own beauty ideals and our self-image. I intended to write something similar about this topic, but Mme. Sozzani did it perfectly and this is the reason why I want to share it with you, women!

To raise our self-esteem and self image, that lies just within our heads and feelings and not somewhere outside of us!

(source: Vogue Italia editor’s blog, photo: Dreamstime.com)

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