ecotools makeup brushes review

Here is my second part of the EcoTools story. As I said in the previous post, I wanted to try first a set of brushes. I realized that they are good, so I wanted to try other brushes that are sold separately. I was especially curious about the foundation, bronzer and powder brush, that didn’t disappoint me at all. I also purchased the set of cleansing sponges. Here I share my thoughts with you.


EcoTools Foundation brush review

This brush is very similar to the concealer brush, it’s just a larger version. I must say that this is my favorite brush from this trio. Regarding the length, it’s just somehow normal (not too long, but neither too small). The fibers are very dense and the tip is oval-shaped. The length of fibers is also appropriate, not too long. I don’t like foundation brushes with too long fibers, cause you can’t blend or control the amount of foundation while working on face. Because of synthetic fibers, you can easily use this brush for creamy blushes or other creamy products.


EcoTools Bronzer brush review

I was interested in this brush for its form. It has a quite long and wide handle and a huge density of fibers. It’s very handy, especially for applying the bronzer on the body. It’s very soft and blends the product very good. It’s incredible, regarding the quantity of fibers, that when you wash it, it dries relatively quick.


EcoTools Powder brush review

I can’t say this brush is a disappointment for me, but it’s a form of brush that I use less. It has long and quite dense fibers and it’s flat, not rounded. It’s meant to apply powder on the face (or body). I will use it for brush off any excess of powder on the face, for example, cause I am really not a fan of big powder brushes. I prefer to use a blush brush for the powder, that gives me more control and a precise application. But this is just my habit.

EcoTools powder brush review


EcoTools Cleansing sponges review

My curiosity pushed me to try even these cleansing sponges. They are 12 pieces packed in a set. I was especially interested at how they look like and what is the feeling on the face when you use them. They are made with 100% cotton and natural soybean oil for cleaning the make up from the face. They’re washable and reusable. I have put the face cleanser on the soft side of the sponge and then, with circular motions, removed the makeup off the face. The feeling is good and you can wash, dry and reuse them. I can’t say how long one sponge lasts, but in every case, I think it’s not appropriate to use them too long (hygienic reasons).

EcoTools makeup brushes review

Note from EcoTools site about the brushes


– Highly sustainable bamboo handle

– 100% cruelty-free, soft taklon bristles

– Recycled aluminum ferrule

– Reusable storage pouch

If you have any experiences with this brand, especially makeup brushes, I’d be happy, if you share them with me!


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