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Before putting any makeup on your face, it is essential to take care of your skin with a good cleansing routine. I recommend you to include in your skin care ritual a natural clay mask that will deeply clean your skin.

I’d like to tell you some interesting facts about clay. Clay is very well-known in beauty routine since ancient times. You should know that not every clay is good for your skin. Choose an organic clay, excavated in ecologically clean area, with no industry around. The process of clay preparation has to be manual, with special knowledge and tools. The clay destined for medicinal purposes, ingestion and cosmetic masks is distinguished by the quality of the layers in the excavating pit. Nowadays, clay comes from all over the world and it is known especially for its healing and purifying properties. Clay exists in different colors: red, green, brown, grey, pink, yellow or white color. Each type has its own properties.

Clay is a natural mixture composed primarily of fine-grained minerals. The most interesting fact is that clay is one of the most complicated substances in nature, in which, despite the researches, much remains a mystery. Its smallest particles are so insignificant that can not be seen even under a microscope.

Beneficial properties of clay

extremly high absorbent power (Therefore, always discard the used clay, because it accumulates damaging substances from the body.)

antiseptic and antibacterial properties

absorbs dirt, oil and other toxins from the skin surface

clay acts selectively, prevents microorganism growth and stimulates the regeneration of healthy cells

it purifies and renew the body, if you drink it for detoxification (when used internally)*

clay attracts toxins from the body and it heals where needed (when used internally)*

stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph

removes dead skin cells

You can use the clay mask on every skin, especially good is for acne and oily skin. When you put on the face a clay mask, pay attention to the time and also note the instructions of each manufacturer. Here, I provide the instructions for grey clay, which is one of the best for healing:

Sensitive skin: 3-5 minutes

Normal and dry skin: 10 minutes

Oily and acne skin: 15 minutes

Most often, clay mask is in form of dust and thus you have to mix it with water or flower water to get a creamy mixture. Always apply a thin layer of mask to a clean face. Wait until the clay begins to dry on your face or starts to feel warm. Then, rinse with warm water. Continue with a flower water or tonic appropriate for your skin and a moisturizing organic cream. Don’t exaggerate with many applications; make a clay mask once or twice per week.

NOTE Don’t be afraid if your skin becomes red or warm. This is a sign that the blood circulation is stimulated and that the skin is detoxifying itself. Don’t apply the mask around eyes and lips.

My favorite clay mask is one that I discovered recently and it comes from my country. BOLUS is a Slovenian clay manufacturer, who produces not just clay for masks, but also for medical purposes and ingestion. And it’s the only one that I encountered with the complete service: for inside and outside use. Bolus mask is already prepared to apply on the skin. You don’t need to mix it with water. It’s excellent also as a quick peeling, or as a treatment when applied on red spots or acne. Let the mask dry and in 10-15 minutes rinse down with water.

There are many other good and safe clay masks on the market that I’ve already used and still like: Akamuti green clay mask, 100% pure purifying seaweed facial mask, The organic pharmacy seaweed mask, Dr. Hauschka cleansing clay mask.

VERY IMPORTANT  NOT every clay is good for ingestion! If a clay is good for mask, does not mean, you can ingest it. The only clay that I suggest for ingestion and that I also use, is the clay from the Slovenian manufacturer Bolus. Their clay is a unique clay, prepared specifically as a special product for ingestion and detoxification.

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