After the first, more theoretic part about mineral makeup, it’s time to explain you some of my best advices on applying mineral makeup. If you will follow these simple steps, you can’t go wrong. Don’t be afraid to start using minerals, just because the application is slightly different from conventional makeup application. Using mineral powders is really simple and with time you will realize that is also very quick and handy. Moreover, your skin will breathe and you will feel comfortable wearing mineral makeup, because of its lightweight consistency. Some women complain about a caked, unnatural and heavy look. This might happen just in case the makeup is not properly applied. My experiences with minerals are really excellent!

The proper application of mineral makeup requires:

correct skin care

follow the process of mineral makeup application

appropriate brushes for mineral makeup

choosing the right shade and formulation of mineral makeup

applying the makeup with a “light hand”; you can always add another layer

blending it well into the skin


Correct skin care

One of the biggest mistakes I notice before applying makeup is that women don’t know very well their skin condition. Many times for example younger girls tend to think that their skin is grease, when in fact it isn’t. Consequently they use wrong skin care products that dry their skin even more. They proceed with makeup that also don’t match their skin type and the result is obviously a disaster. In every case, you should first analyze your skin well (or ask a professional for help). Most often it needs just a gentle exfoliation and a hydrating boost. Before I start applying the mineral foundation, I first clean the skin and apply a light organic oil for all skin types (in general for normal skin). I leave it a few minutes until absorbed into the skin. If needed, I remove the excess of oil from skin with a blotting paper. But usually, all you need is just 2 drops of these oils and they work great, without leaving the skin with a grease shine. I especially like the Inlight organic daily face oil. After this I start applying the mineral foundation.


Mineral makeup application

You’ve heard most of time about and I will repeat it, too: Minerals are NOT like the finishing powder in conventional makeup. You can use just one product (mineral foundation) instead of many others (liquid foundation, concealer, finishing powder,…) if you want. For any other imperfections there is a wide range of mineral correctors and other finishing powders. But that’s another story.


Application of all mineral products:

1. Sprinkle a small amount of mineral powder (foundation, blush,…) into the lid of the jar

2. Swirl the appropriate brush into the powder

3. Remove the excess of powder from the brush with taping it into the lid – less is more

4. Apply it on your face with a light hand (use circular motions and a buffing brush for the foundation)

5. Blend well the product

6. Avoid a heavy application, you don’t want to look unnatural

7. I finish with a refreshing spritz of an appropriate herbal toner or water.


Here I finish the first part and look forward for your questions about the topic until the second part.


(photo: Dreamstime.com)

4 Comments on How to: Apply mineral makeup – part 1

  1. green makeup
    December 23, 2010 at 9:55 am (12 years ago)

    Thanks for your kind words 🙂
    Colours will come in the 2nd part…Stay tuned 🙂 hehe

  2. Catherine Dream
    March 26, 2014 at 7:06 pm (9 years ago)

    I’d really like to try the last step, spritzing with herbal water, but I’m worried about smudging, caking or using too much…
    Tips? For my first time, that is ; )

    • green makeup
      March 26, 2014 at 7:16 pm (9 years ago)

      Just do it 🙂 Don’t worry, nothing will smudge, don’t touch the face a few seconds until it absorbs and that’s it. A very good toner for this is Dr.Hauschka. This also sets the makeup. A good tip is to spritz it from a distance of 20cm from the face cca.


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