As the holidays are approaching quickly, I would like to share with you some of my favorite makeup looks from this season runways. My goal is to give you some ideas and directions about colors and techniques, so doing your holiday makeup will be a lot of fun. The most important thing here is that I’m gonna show you how to achieve these looks with green products. I named this first part Sophisticated lady, because both looks are very feminine and sophisticated.


Delicate beauty from Louis Vuitton F/W 2010 runway

This look is all about achieving a perfect looking skin and sculpting the face with shades in delicate tonalities. I’d suggest this look to women with a pale skin tone and light colors.

– Clean your face with organic skin care products. If you have a little time, exfoliate skin with a gentle sugar based peeling or try The Organic Pharmacy Flower Petal Deep Cleanser and Exfoliating Mask and proceed with a hydrating organic mask. Try The Organic Pharmacy Collagen Boost Mask, it will immediately enhance and refresh your face before applying your make-up.

– I suggest a primer to even your skin tone and prepare it for the foundation. My favorite here is Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Instant Skin Perfector in 902 that is slightly pink and goes great with a light skin with pink undertones.

– Add a touch of luminosity to the face with a concealer. I really like concealers in pencil that are easy and precise to use. Apply the concealer to the under-eye area, at the outer corner of the eyes, around the nose and lips for a highlighting and lifting effect. Jane Iredale Active light concealer is the perfect choice. Pay attention to get the right shade, slightly lighter than your skin tone.

– Start applying the foundation or a tinted moisturizer, if your skin tone is perfect. You want to achieve a radiant and fresh skin. So gently tap your foundation into the skin with a foundation brush. Remember that the foundation should match exactly your skin tone and blend perfectly all the edges. Don’t forget the neck and decolletage if you wear an open dress. Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is a great choice for this look. Next, powder gently the face with a small amount of face powder to set the makeup. Satin Finishing PowderAlima Pure will give you a perfect finish without looking heavy.

– Sculpt the eyelids with a light shade along the lash line towards the crease. Use the Alima Pure pearluster eyeshadow Prosecco, a soft beige with a hint of pink. Then, apply a matte taupe eyeshadow, starting from the outer to the inner corner of the eye and blend well upwards, to get a sophisticated and sculpted lid. Try Everyday minerals matte eyeshadow Wild flowers. Proceed with the same color also on the lower lash line. You don’t want hard edges, so use a tapered blending brush to smudge well.

– Curl the eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply a brown Nvey eco mascara.

– Brush the eyebrows in a nice shape and fill in gently the spaces with a light brown shade. Do this with a small angled brush; you will get a precise and soft shape. When finished, brush again the eyebrows in a perfect shape. This angled Alima pure brush n.33 will work nice.

– Choose a creamy blush in a light pink like Vapour Aura multi-use blush radiant in 208. Sculpt the cheeks along the cheekbones with a brush or use you fingers. Blend well!

– Apply a touch of luminizer on top of the cheekbones, on the bridge of the nose and on the temples. RMS Living luminizer is an excellent choice.

– Finish the look with a natural lip conditioner, just to enhance your natural lip color. The finish here is natural and just a bit glossy, to keep the soft and balanced overall look. Try the RMS lip&skin balm.

holiday makeup

The vamp from Karl Lagerfeld F/W 2010 runway

The opposite of the previous look is this 50’s inspired look, where the red lipstick is its signature. It suits well the brunettes and blondes as well, especially if the eyes are blue.

– The skin here is quite matte, but not too much, so we want a clean and perfectly looking skin as possible. After your skin care routine, start with a great foundation that covers any imperfections and even out skin tone. Try the Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Base SPF 20 that provides a sheer and semi-matte finish, but at the same time covers any imperfections. Its light diffusing properties make your skin look fresh and smooth. It’s also a great all in one product, especially, if you have no time to do the makeup.

– Give a three-dimensional effect with sculpting the face with a light bronzer. Use just a slightly darker shade than your foundation, cause you don’t want to achieve a sun-kissed face. I like the Everyday minerals bronzers. Choose the shade that suits your skin tone.

– Next step are the eyes. With the Pure pressed Jane Iredale eyeshadow in walnut shade contour both lash lines and smudge really well, to create a soft shadow around the eyes. Give just a touch of matte rosy color in the crease of the eye and on the brow bone and blend well. You can use the same color from the blush that you will apply on the cheeks.

– Curl your lashes and apply The organic pharmacy black mascara. Don’ forget to shape and brush the eyebrows.

– On the apple of the cheeks apply the Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Blush in Barely rose. Pay attention to apply the blush precisely and blend well the edges. If you don’t apply the blush exactly on both sides of the face, the face looks asymmetric.

– The last and most important touch: With a lip brush apply the Nvey eco bright red lipstick n.369 on your lips. Contour the lips precisely and smudge well, cause the red lips must be done perfectly. You can finish with a coat of clear lip gloss (with no glitter effect) like Jane Iredale Pure Gloss for Lips in shade Just gloss.


Green makeup tip: Before applying the lipstick make sure your lips are not chapped, they must be perfectly smooth. Otherwise, the red lipstick looks a disaster. Make a peeling before or brush your lips with a toothbrush to remove any dead cells.


Hope I gave you some nice ideas. What is most important experiment, research and ENJOY!

Soon it comes the second part with totally different looks!

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  1. green makeup
    November 21, 2010 at 3:54 pm (13 years ago)

    Hahahaha, you rock, my dear!
    Well, I love the chocolate shades, too.
    They are an evergreen and a must have!
    The idea of real chocolate on the face it’s not bad…hmmm, next photo shooting maybe…


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