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As a makeup artist I’m a big fan of different brushes and its different shapes. Like a painter needs the right brush for his artwork, so does the make-up artist. For me the most important thing when it comes to brushes is their quality that allows not just a good feeling on the face, but is also essential for a precise and well done makeup.

This article has two purposes:

1. How to choose the right brush and use it.

2. To present you an amazing collection of make-up brushes from Everyday minerals.

At the beginning I bought Everyday minerals brushes just for my personal use, but then I was so amazed about their quality, that I purchased another set also for professional use. Working with my new brushes on others, I noticed nice comments from the girls: “How soft is that brush! What a nice feeling!”

Everyday minerals brushes are cruelty free and vegan, made from high quality soft synthetics fibers, with bamboo handles. I especially love their interesting shapes, that allow different uses and an easy application. They are really high quality; despite many washings the hair don’t fall out from the brush. And the price is really good, so that everyone can afford brushes of such a great quality.

The collection has 2 sections: 7 brushes for face and 7 for eyes, even though I have my own personal use for each brush. I will present my favorite ones, but you can see and purchase the entire collection at Everyday minerals.





Everyday minerals

It’s a fantastic, super soft brush with dense hair. Because of its long handle I prefer it to the short kabuki brush. It’s perfect for an even application of powders (base, blush, bronzer). You can use it on the face, but I also like it for the application of the bronzer or shimmer powder on shoulders and neck. A multitasking must-have brush!



Everyday minerals

This brush has a longer handle and it’s basically made for applying the blush on the cheeks, because of its full and rounded shape. For me it’s a great multi-purpose brush, ideal for dusting not just blush, but also shimmer powders. I adore it for a quick touch of blush or bronzer on the cheeks and over the entire eyelid, which makes a natural looking glow. It’s also great for blending, especially for correcting the excess of color from the cheeks and achieving a natural look with no hard edges.



Everyday minerals

Synthetic hair and a round flat shape provide a precise application of bases and concealers, especially around the nose and eyes. I use it for applying mineral, but also liquid foundations. This brush is an essential tool for creating a truly flawless finish with professional results.



Everyday minerals

You can use this smooth synthetic brush wherever you need to correct or extra coverage. It’s perfect to use around the eye area, or for applying the eyeshadow base. The slight pointed tip of this flat brush allows you to cover perfectly any imperfections or discolorations with a small amount of mineral concealer.



For me the entire collection is a must-have. The shapes of brushes are so different and amazing for achieving every look!



Everyday minerals

I really adore this multitasking brush, a basic piece! Its shape is great for applying the eyeshadow on the entire eyelid, but I also use it for highlighting some small areas with shimmer powders. It works great also with cream products; I do touch-ups with liquid correctors under the eyes, or apply some cream blush or eyeshadow. The result is always a precise and even application.




Everyday minerals

This brush with tapered shape is perfect for blending the eyeshadow and soften the harsh edges. When you use more than one color of eyeshadow it’s great for a precise application into the crease of the eyelid. It is so soft that you can also use it to set the powder or highlight under the eyes or any small areas.



Everyday minerals

The special pencil-shaped tip and soft fibers of this brush allows you to create a precise shade in the crease of the eye, smudge the eyeshadow along the lower lash line or to create a perfect soft smoky eye look.



Everyday minerals

I always recommend this brush to everyone who has problems with making a perfect line with the eyeliner. It’s just great for creating a precise line, even the thinnest one. It’s also the perfect brush for defining the eyebrows with small strokes.




Everyday minerals

This brush has also an angled shape, but has longer and softer fibers than the angled brow&liner brush. Its shape allows you to apply, contour and blend softly the eyeshadow in the crease or in the corner of the eye. It’s the prefect brush when you want a dramatic look with dark colors on the eyes.



Everyday minerals

This brush is a classic eyeshadow brush with a flat rounded tip, perfect for applying and blending different colors on the eyelids, or highlighting the brow bone. The soft synthetic fibers provide an even application of powder or cream cosmetic products. If you want you can also use it for applying the concealer on small areas.



Everyday minerals (including me) suggest to take care of your brushes following these simple steps:

Cleaning your brushes is easy! Take your gentle shampoo and add water, lather and rinse with clean water. Push the bristle in one uniform direction and lay flat on a clean towel. Clean your brushes at night, that way they will be dry and ready for use in the morning.



Everyday minerals

I really like this green bag, where you can put your makeup and brushes. Handy and stylish, made from 100% natural hemp bast plant fibres collected from the inner bark. A green fashion must-have!

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  1. Catherine Dream
    March 26, 2014 at 7:09 pm (10 years ago)

    I’m still on the hunt for a good foundation brush that I’m happy with…


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