Have you ever asked yourself what are you putting on your skin when you try your new natural body moisturizer with that fantastic smell of tropical fruits?

Do you really believe to the nice words of the seller who claim that their products are totally natural, green and safe and who is trying to just quickly sell you their latest product?

Is really the product with the label eco/green/natural,…safe and non-toxic?

Do you pay attention to the label with ingredients on the back of the product?

If you are becoming green conscious and aware about what you put on your largest organ than it’s time to start buying your cosmetic with a new attitude. And believe me you’ll be just happier and surprised on the results. For me the most important thing is the result. When I did my first skin care with organic products, the results were just amazing! Since then I started to look at the label with ingredients, to change some habits concerning beauty and much more.

Some quick advices on how to start shopping green cosmetics

Checking the label with ingredients on the back side of your product is the most important thing. That means that you have to understand which ingredients are good for your skin and which ones you have to avoid. You can check the ingredients or product brands on the fantastic site http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com where you find all the information about cosmetic ingredients. You can make a list of the most harmful products and bring with you when you go shopping. You can find lists of harmful ingredients also on the site Health report.

Don’t trust every label with green/natural/bio/organic. Just the name does not assure you the real quality. Check also the certificates, such as ECO CERT, SOIL ASSOCIATION, BDIH, USDA,…Eventhough the product is labeled with this certificates, I still check the label with ingredients.

Don’t believe in every miracle that the advertising is promoting. 

Check thoroughly the website and the entire philosophy of the brand before.

Spend your money wisely. Sometimes the price can be (but in most cases is not) a little bit higher than of an average product. But the truth is that the organic philosophy of skin care is different from the commercial one. You don’t need a lot of different products for your skin care, but just the right one of excellent quality. So it’s worth to invest your money in good products. At the end you will realize that you’ve spent more money before when you bought different cleansers, day&night&eye creams, serums, tonics, masks,…Sometimes you can even make a nice honey mask  for dry skin at home, or a detox salt scrub. Read a book about home made cosmetic and try something new and fresh!

Hygiene is the keyword in most cases of contamination, bacterial infection,…I always warn about the correct and hygienically use of cosmetic products. Don’t share your creams, lotions, make-up products. Don’t apply cosmetic on your face with dirty fingers. Pay attention to the shelf life of your product and how long is open. Especially with organic cosmetic.

And above all, don’t think this is difficult, it’s just a new way of thinking.

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3 Comments on Some advices before shopping green beauty products

  1. Maria
    March 13, 2013 at 7:35 am (11 years ago)

    Amazing blog! I’m so happy I found you! so educational and informative! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, Also how you feel about the preservatives the use now to replace the parabens?


    • green makeup
      March 13, 2013 at 10:23 am (11 years ago)

      Thank you Maria and welcome in my green world of make-up! 🙂 Regarding the replacement of parabens, I’m glad the industry is doing new researches and steps ahead in new directions, hopefully in a good and safer one! Only time will show.
      Have a lovely day!


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