green makeup

green makeup

Glowing and healthy skin with Vapour organic makeup

Just a few days ago I received my package from Vapour beauty that I was waiting so impatiently. This was my first order from them – I was searching some new makeup products with a creamy texture. Of course, I’ve previously checked the ingredients, which are not just safe, but the company is also a proud signer of Safe cosmetics. At that point, the only question for me was the result. Also the package with the products was very nice and eco friendly! First, I was a little afraid about choosing the right color, but their shade guide is excellent. I have chosen just the perfect shade for my skin tone. I have a light neutral skin tone and I was afraid that the 115 shade would be too yellow, but it wasn’t at all. The colors on the monitor vary, so take this in consideration. I was also wondering about the texture; I thought that the products will be quite oily with a heavy coverage. But I was wrong and my fears were totally unnecessary. I immediately tried the products and I was just blown away with the results. Just amazing! I can’t describe the enthusiasm, when I realized that there are companies who are already making enormous steps towards saving the environment and our health without renouncing the beauty. Since I decided to become a green make-up artist, I was used to work with products that provided great results, but with some consequences for our health. When I experienced new advanced technologies that organic makeup brands already provide, I was really surprised about their good quality.

Anyway, I decided to try first just a few products from Vapour organic beauty:

Primer: Stratus instant skin perfector

Cream foundation: Atmosphere luminous foundation

Cream blush: Aura multi use blush classic

Vapour organic beauty

Vapour beauty Stratus instant skin perfector

I love to use primers before I start with the make-up. They provide an excellent overall finish, optically minimize the pores and the skin looks younger and more even. Stratus instant skin perfector does this and much more! Take in consideration that conventional primers can provide a good result, but your skin is not breathing, nor is nourished, because they contain a lot of chemicals. The greatest thing with Stratus is that while you wear it, the skin is protected with anti-oxidants and moisturized because of organic evening primrose oil, papaya, pumpkin, frankincense, tulsi, and lotus flower. I especially like the fresh and even skin tone, with a natural luminosity, that Stratus help to achieve. The package is in a handy stick, so you can bring it everywhere. It comes in 2 shades: 902 is for skin with pink undertones and 903 is for skin with yellow undertones. All the products have a similar and pleasant smell, very natural, with no artificial perfumes added. The application is easy and is the first step in the process of applying makeup after cleaning the skin. I thought that I’ll have to use my foundation brush, but I apply it very easy, just with tapping lightly into my skin and then blending with my fingers to achieve a perfect finish. With Stratus you prepare your skin for the next step – foundation (if you will need it). The finish is perfect, lightly sheer and even, suitable for every skin type. Now, Stratus also comes in a liquid version, packed in a bottle. I haven’ tried it yet, but I’m sure it’s great too!


Vapour beauty Atmosphere luminous foundation

I can say that the coverage and overall result after applying Stratus and the foundation exceeded all my expectations. I can easily use it for professional work on a photo shooting for example. If you will need any extra coverage after Stratus, then this foundation is the answer. It’s very easy to apply, you can gently tap it into the skin, then blend with fingers. If you want you can also use a foundation brush and apply just where you need. Their color guide is excellent and don’t be afraid, their 10 shades are developed very good, also for other ethnical skin tones. This is gonna be my next investment even for my professional use. Sometimes, when I think about foundation in stick, I think automatically of heavy coverage and oily texture, but Atmosphere is another story. Less is more and the coverage is light, even, but at the same time covers any imperfections. You feel like wearing nothing on and that’s the point, isn’t it? I think it’s worth to try also the new liquid version of this foundation. And after all, all the range of Vapour products is designed for a demanding modern woman, who search high quality and quick results.


Vapour beauty Aura multi use blush

When it comes to blushes Vapour has 3 versions of Aura: classic (sheer matte finish), radiant (frost satin finish) and stain (powerful bright colors). I tried Aura in spark shade, cause on myself I like natural colors that make me look fresh and healthy. Spark is quite a universal shade in peach, that you can use on cheeks, but if you want also on lips. I’d also sculpt the eyelids with it. I think that the versatility of this products is a modern way of using the makeup. With adding more product you can go from a natural to a dramatic look. Aura is also based, like all Vapour products, on organic ingredients that nourish and protect your skin. And when you put off your makeup at the end of the day, your skin looks great and not exhausted, because of safe ingredients that protect it.
If you are in hurry, you can be ready just with a few right steps without renouncing to wear make-up. I’m not saying that you can’t do a great evening sophisticated look, but if you have no time, with this 3 products you are ready to shine like a (green) star from the latest fashion magazine’s cover 🙂

natural makeup

This is the look from Fendi fashion show F/W 2010 and it’s the exactly finish and look that I described in this post. Just to have an idea. I find it gorgeous and perfect for day or evening.

That’s all for now, but be sure that you will hear again about Vapour products from me!

If you have any experiences to share or questions about Vapour or this look, let me know, please.

My custom made mineral eyeshadow palette

makeup DIY

As a make-up artist I love working with palettes cause, they are very practical and handy. When I switched to mineral make-up eyeshadows, instead of using the normal ones, I invented a unique palette on my own. I really wanted to have an overview to all colors and quickly choose the right one. So, I took a  piece of kappa line board,  5 mm thick , usually used for large-sized photo prints. Then, I picked all my sample size mineral eyeshadows and I arranged them by colors and started to fix with glue each one of them on the board. Below every pot of eyeshadow I have written the name of the color, so that I can quickly see which color is running out and I fill the sample size pot with new pigment. Every time I have to pack my make-up case, I quickly have all my eyeshadows tidy and ready to work.

You can see the picture how it looks like.

organising make-up

mineral make-up

If you have any other tips, comment appreciated!

Natural luminous autumn makeup

How to achieve freshness on your face when you don’t have time

everyday minerals

Nowadays women don’t have much time to spend in front of the mirror. In this article I want to show you a quick makeup tip for a fresh look for these autumn days and also present you an amazing collection of mineral make-up from Everyday minerals.

You will need just some basic products that you can bring with you everywhere for a retouch during the day.


1. step

Give freshness to your face with a perfect base. After cleansing your face and applying a hydrating moisturizer, you are ready to adjust your skin color with a mineral makeup base from Everyday minerals. For this look I suggest a semi-mat base; its moisturizing properties provide a silky finish and a perfect coverage for imperfections. Apply your mineral foundation with the kabuki or foundation brush. If you need to cover any imperfections use the smaller concealer brush. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience with minerals-once you try them, the application is easy and quick, providing you a perfect finish on your face. It’s easy to choose the right shade of Everyday minerals foundation with their excellent shade guide that will help you. And you can also order a try me free base to try different shades till you find the right shade that matches exactly your skin tone. Remember that the right shade for you is the one that it seems invisible on your face.

2. step

With a round blush brush take first a small amount of mineral blush and apply it on the cheekbones. With the same brush apply it also on the crease of the eyelid with a large stroke, as if you would contour the shadow between the eyelids. I have used the shade Snuggle from Everyday minerals, that is a nice peach blush with hints of opalescent pink with a satin finish. It has the perfect amount of luminosity, just enough for a healthy glow. This is a nice tip when you don’t have time for you makeup, cause in a few strokes with one brush you sculpt the face along the cheekbones and eyelids where the bones are prominent. The great thing with minerals is that you can use the same color for eyes, lips and cheeks.


Proceed with a neutral shade on the eyelid along the upper lash line. I have applied the eyeshadow Good china with the dome blending eye brush, but you can also use your fingers. Good china is a light beige with pink undertones and pearl shimmer. A neutral color that you can use to refresh not just your look, but you can also apply it on the top of the cheekbones and at the side of the eye to give freshness to the face. I think that the travel size of eyeshadow is a great idea, cause is handy and not too small; just the right size for retouch on the go and easy to use! The best thing is that you can recycle and reuse them! You can also send them the empty container and they’ll recycle it for you: ECO CHIC, don’t you agree?


Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a brown organic mascara on the lashes to open up the eyes.


Don’t forget to comb your eyebrows with a brow brush that will line and shape your brows. There are some details that you have to pay attention to, one of this is a perfect shape of your eyebrows! More on eyebrows in following articles.


The final step is your lips that should look natural and in harmony with the chosen colors of our look. We want a natural and fresh face with small contrasts. In this case we will use a colored lip balm made with organic ingredients. The shade Bohemian wonderer suits very well to our colors. It’s a peachy pearl shade made with hydrating luxurious oils from organic floral ingredients like murumuru butter, evening primrose oil and other exotic ingredients that make your lips soft. I tap the lip balm directly to the lips to achieve a fresh and natural look.


Another quick makeup tip that I really love is to spritz an organic toner or mineral water over the face and allow to melt with your makeup and fix it.


That’s it! So simple! You will look amazing and fresh throughout the day! I’m proud to suggest you a cosmetic good for your skin and for the planet, free of parabens, fragrances, and dyes like Everyday minerals.

Everyday minerals

Note I have attached a sketch of this look. Bear in mind that the colors may vary from monitor to monitor, even though I used real colors. These colors look the best on light skin with warm and neutral undertones and brown or reddish hair.

If you have any questions or comments about this look, feel free to contact me!

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