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Beauty ritual for moms on the go (and all women who don’t have time) – part 1

mom on the go

A friend of mine asked me for some beauty advices for young moms and so she has inspired me to write this post that I dedicate to all mothers, especially those with small children and no time. After the maternity leave many young mothers realize that they haven’t taken care of themselves and then they don’t know where to start.
I completely understand that the newborn baby is your world, but don’t forget about yourself. If you won’t take care of yourself (not just outside but also inside) you also won’t have enough energy to share with your beloved.
I want to give some quick beauty tips to all young mothers, so that they won’t fall in the trap and forget about themselves. Don’t get me wrong: I know how it feels to care for yourself and have zero time. But with some good advices and some organization it can be done! Overall, it’s very important to celebrate every aspect of your beauty and consequently feel good about yourself. This way you will be at ease and full of energy not just by yourself but even your closest people will feel it. Take just a couple of minutes every day for yourself and spend them preciously. That time is yours and is sacred: it is meant to fill your batteries. Once a week take a few hours just for yourself and relax. I recommend to visit a good (organic if possible) salon and do some facial treatments, give your body a massage, do some relaxing exercise, chat with a friend or anything that you love and makes you feel good. You also must know how to receive good if you want to give it, too. Otherwise, you will end with low batteries and no energy.

So apart the regular “beauty basics”, here are a few tips how to look gorgeous every day with just a few products. I know that a mother is always gorgeous, but if she celebrates her beauty and herself she is even more seductive to the entire world!


Basic Skin care

Take at least just a few minutes every evening and morning for the basic beauty routine. Your skin will thank you! This way you also stimulate your feelings and wellbeing.

Did you know that all our organs are connected through our face?

Do a massage on your face while applying the cleanser or cream. The warmth of your hands through massage will help you release negative emotions, balance hormones, feel better and the skin will be radiant and naturally lifted.


Choose a few but high quality organic products

1. A good cleanser that can be rinsed with water is a must-have. It will do a great job: it will clean impurities and refresh your face every morning and evening. Here are some Green makeup suggestions

Organic skin cleanser

2. The next step is the toner. For those who has no time the best solution is a refreshing toner in a spray bottle. You can even take it with you and use it during the day to uplift and refresh yourself. I recommend a good organic hydrolat depending on your skin type. Choose light essences like chamomile, rose or lavender. They are calming even for sensitive skin and for your senses as well. You can also spritz it on your body instead of harsh chemical perfumes. Since there are many hormonal disruptors in conventional perfumes, you don’t want to harm yourself and your baby. Keep yourself as natural as possible and instead of the perfume use natural hydrolats.

Face skincare

3. Instead of a normal moisturizer, choose a rich serum according to your skin type. They have more beneficial properties to feed your skin during hard times and hormonal imbalances, than moisturizers. They should be among basics especially for revitalizing the skin and give it a boost of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients.

Optional luxuries

quick beauty rituals

Face masks once a week choose 1 or more masks to clean impurities or hydrate your skin. Use clay for impure skin and rich nutrients like honey for hydrating.

Body oils/lotions for preventing or diminishing stretch marks. Good organic massage oils will nurture your skin, make it soft and relax you before you go to sleep. With a nice massage you will stimulate the blood and lymph circulation and relax your muscles.


top photo credit: fashion gone rogue by Alexi Lubomirski for Vogue

Inika natural perfection concealer

inika mineral make-up

It’s been a long time since I wanted to try Inika concealer. I was especially curious how it works for covering under-eye dark circles. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I have some positive comments and even some critics about it.

Inika natural perfection concealer is packed in a 15g plastic tube which is very handy and even hygienic. The concealer comes in 2 shades: Light for fair skin and Medium for slightly darker skin tones (but not for dark skin – a shade that I also miss). I am using the light shade and it suits very well my ivory skin tone. The texture of the concealer is quite liquid and you have to shake the tube very well before using it. I have noticed that the texture depends also on the temperature. In hot summer days this concealer was a little bit too liquid, but when it was colder the texture changed and became more creamy, but still quite liquid. In general, its texture is great for covering under-eye circles because of the delicate skin around the eyes. When applied on really dark circles this concealer does cover them quite good. But for the dark under-eye circles the problem is not the coverage of the concealer, but its color. I’d really love to see in their range a few shades even in peachy and even yellow tones for neutralizing dark-circles! Just a light color in skin tone shades will never cover good enough very dark circles or any other discolorations. They have to be neutralized with the appropriate color. The liquid texture of the concealer it’s even not so good in covering red spots, if they are very visible. However, the concealer does a good job if applied on top of the liquid foundation to additionally cover some imperfections. But it has to be set with setting powder especially on oily skin.  You can apply this concealer with your fingers or with using a concealer brush. The ingredients are very good as you can see it from the list below. Inika mineral makeup is suitable even for vegans, is not tested on animals and is OFC certified.

In conclusion, I think that this concealer is suitable for those women who don’t need/use foundation and don’t have bigger discolorations or imperfections. In short, for those who opt for a minimal natural look. They can apply it gently with fingers on areas where needed and set lightly with powder. The light concealer is also very good if used as a highlighter for “lifting” some areas of the face.

I understand that creating a good concealer is still a challenge in the green beauty industry, so I hope that we will soon have some improved concealer formulations with light texture and good coverage for any discolorations! 

Ingredients: (*) denotes ingredient is certified organic. 
Certified Organic Aloe Vera Juice; Titanium Dioxide; Macadamia Oil*; Citric Acid; Glycerin; Zinc Oxide; Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E);  Coconut Oil*; Mica;  Cetearyl Alcohol; Cetearyl Glucoside; Apricot Kernel Oil* Calendula Infusion Oil*;  Aqua; Chamomile Extract*;  Green Tea Extract*; Camellia Oil*; Shea Butter*; 
Carnauba Wax*;  Potassium Sorbate; Tamanu Oil*; Evening Primrose Oil*;  Marula Oil*; Argan Oil*; Xanthan Gum; Palmarosa Essential Oil*; Lavender Oil*; Ylang Ylang Oil* Sandalwood Australian Oil*; Geranium Oil*;
Petitgrain Oil*; Rose Otto*; Yellow Iron Oxide; Black Iron Oxide; Red Iron Oxide
*Certified Organic


You can find Inika cosmetics and many other natural brands in Ecco-verde international shop at very good prices.

Living nature makeup video tutorial and review

I’m so happy to share with you my first video review where I have presented my new discovery, the gorgeous Living nature makeup collection and designed 3 modern looks for different occasions. The sculpted cheeks and a touch of color on lips are these seasons must-have that suits every face. So enjoy and have fun with recreating the looks! Check below the beauty pictures with looks that we made.

1.look: Nude shimmery bronze

Living nature cosmetics

2.look: Luminous elegance

Living nature cosmetics

3.look: Sophisticated chic

Living nature make-up


Model: Teja@Immortal models, Photo: Boris Gorjan, makeup: Dasha@Green makeup, Hair: Savo Nardin

How to: Minimalistic new era makeup in nude tonalities

Natural make-up in nude tonalities

We are stepping in a new era where the perception of beauty is changing. Make-up is not meant to be a mask to hide behind, but a definition and enhancement of our true self.

For this new year’s beginning I decided to create a soft make-up look that accentuates the face’s natural features and which brings light and freshness to the face. Depending on how you feel, you can wear it whenever you want, day or evening, your real-self will always radiate through it. The line between strict day and evening make-up is becoming more and more blurred. However, take these guidelines as inspiration and be free to play with them with adding your touch.

nude make-up look

Creating the look

I have already worked with Prisha before and I have to say that she has a very inspiring face with interesting face contours that speak about a strong personality. According to the model’s perfect skin and her over-all colors, I have chosen delicate warm tonalities and sheer glowing textures to give a soft natural definition to the face.

I started to massage the face with organic oils, so that the contours and muscles of the face became relaxed and defined. After the massage I blot away any excess of oil from the face with a soft paper tissue.
The main point of this look was to enhance the skin to look its best, first with the massage and then with the appropriate choice of foundation. I have used 2 cream foundations infused with organic oils and plant extracts. One foundation was in her exact skin tone and the other was one shade darker. I applied the lighter shade to the entire face with the kabuki foundation brush. I needed a small amount of foundation and blend it well into the skin to look flawless.
Instead of using powder bronzer, I gave definition to some face points with the darker cream foundation, which made her face look natural and fresh, just like a soft natural shadow. I used the contouring kabuki brush to enhance the cheekbones and the side of the forehead. On the top of the cheekbones I added a touch of coconut oil for a soft glow. I didn’t use any blush, because I wanted to enhance just the natural features.
For the eyes I used a combination of cream and powder eyeshadow. I applied a matte medium dark sandy brown shade in the crease of the eye and blend it towards the brow bone with a flat eyeshadow brush. This way I gave a soft sculpted definition to the eyes. On the lower eyelid I applied with fingers a cream eyeshadow in a neutral rose shade and slightly shimmer texture. I’ve chosen this shade to give sparkle to the eyes, but without heavy colors. I curled the eyelashes but I haven’t applied any mascara. I also brushed her already well-shaped eyebrows. On both lashes and brows I applied just a light coat of coconut oil to get the sheer gel-like texture without looking oily. I wanted the lips to have a hint of color and a nice shine. I used a fruit flavored lip gloss in apricot shade. Even the nails were in harmony with the overall look. The manicurist has chosen a light pastel yellow nail polish with a matte lacquered effect . The hairstylist gave some volume to the hair with nice soft curls. He achieved the nice shine with natural hair products(yeeah!).

This makeup looks its best outside on natural light where you can admire all the soft shades, highlights and shadows of the face. It reminds me at old renaissance paintings of young ladies with radiant chiaroscuro faces.

I used the following products for creating this makeup look

Lauren Brooke cream foundation shades: Warm n.4 and n.5
Lauren Brooke cream eyeshadow Dahlia
Lauren Brooke powder eyeshadow Taupe
Lauren Brooke lip gloss Apricot
Eco Tools eyeshadow brush and Kabuki brushes for foundation and contouring

Nude make-up with natural cosmetics

I like so much the thoughts about beauty that Lauren Brooke has shared with me after seeing this post:

“Dasha, I so love your natural clean beauty inspiration. I have promoted the makeup in a similar way to help women learn that they are beautiful naturally and don’t need to hide or fix themselves with makeup. It seems like in the past women have been taught that they’re not ok as they are, and that they need makeup to hide, change or fix them instead of to enhance the beautiful features they already have.” Lauren Brooke



Model: Prisha@Immortal models

Photo: Boris Gorjan

Hair: Tomi & Tilen@The One salon

Manicure: Andreja@The nail art studio

Makeup: Dasha Grozdanic

A splash of colors

Makeup trends fall/winter 2011

This month is all about the fashion week with upcoming trends for spring 2012. I’m always excited to see what’s going on in this colorful world, so I will take this opportunity to present you some of my favorite makeup looks for this fall. For those who haven’t seen the designers proposals for this season (fall/winter 2011) yet, here are some guidelines:



Red lips in all its shades from orange red, classic red to dark cherry red are a must-have this fall. However, the skin has to be perfectly flawless. Additional details like spider lashes with many coats of mascara or a graphic eyeliner in flash color, make the red lip look even more artistic and sophisticated. Precision is the keyword for this look, otherwise you will end up looking not so sophisticated 🙂 If you aren’t really precise with the make-up applications, next looks will be for those who love the chic of smudged colors.

Make-up trends



Who is not a fan of the red lip look, can still play with other colors on the entire face: pink salmon lips or salmon orange on the eyes, lips and even nails? It’s up to you! Take in consideration your over-all colors (hair, skin, eyes) and choose the make-up palette that enhance your beauty. Choosing the right color and still keep it looking natural is the rule for this look.

Make-up trends



Sheer and nude tones of beige, strawberry and other natural shades on lips and cheeks are a timeless combination. This look will make happy the all-natural beauties, who swear on minimalistic makeup routine. To enhance the overall look and make it more “alive”, try the classic eyeliner style in day version or line the eyes with a light color like yellow gold for example.

Make-up trends



make-up trends

The first look in the top photo is the timeless “smoky eyes look” in different versions: from the dark rock’n’roll to the elegant and sophisticated one. Both looks have focus on the eyes, of course, while lips and cheeks remain in nude, almost invisible tones. Women who love more a sexy look, can play with some dark grey colors, mixed with dark royal blue or purple shades, to make the eyes look even more mysterious. If you find  light tones more appropriate, then pearly silver and light grey tones with just a thin line around the eyes, will end up as an elegant chic version of the same smoky eye look.

As I usually say, take a look at these make-up looks, relax & enjoy, find what you like and then make your own makeup guidelines according to your personal style!

Terre d’Oc natural cosmetics

A mix of fragrances from all over the world

Terre d'Oc cosmetics

While I was walking through the streets of Montmartre in Paris, I was attracted by a nice looking and well curated shop window, selling natural cosmetics. However, I always check the labels with ingredients first, in order to not let the nice image distract me from my intention. When discovering new brands & shops, many times I encounter nice looking shops and products, claiming to sell pure cosmetics. But when I turn around the first bottle and see parabens written on the package, I know that’s not what I’m looking for. This time, my wish to find a nice looking product with safe ingredients, was fulfilled. The French brand Terre d’Oc can praise themselves with a fabulous boutique and a nice assortment of different certified organic beauty products. Their cosmetic is produced according to the COSMEBIO charter and they are certified by ECOCERT and Fair trade.

Let’s take a look into this nice world of colors, fragrances and even tastes! Apart from their cosmetic I was also enchanted by their teas from organic farming from all over the world: White tea from the Fujian, Spicy black tea from India, Vanilla-flavoured green tea, Mint-flavoured green tea from Morocco, Turkish apple-flavoured black tea,… just to name a few.
For those who love to indulge their olfactory senses, Terre d’Oc has a wide assortment of home fragrances and candles, free of paraffin derivatives, made of beeswax and vegetable oils. What I am always fascinated by, is the artisan work and knowledge that French people master so well. Check more about this on the Terre d’Oc web site, click the thumbnail “Our skills”.


My experience with Terre d’oc cosmetics

Terre d’Oc has 5 skin care collections, one more fascinating than another: Argan from Morocco, Pomegranate from India, Coconut from Bali, Hot spring flowers from Japan and Shea from Burkina Faso. Obviously, I’ve tried a lot of products from the make-up and skin care line, but I decided to go home with products from the Coconut and Pomegranate collections. My favorites and all-to-try are: massage body oils, scrubs (gentle face scrub from Coconut collection is great for sensitive skin!), face oils (Anti-aging Elixir is an amazing mix of organic oils) and the Milky Perfume Cloud (from the Japan inspired collection Fleurs de source); a light, perfumed veil/spray for the body. In general every collection has face and body care products, designed for different skin types and needs.

Terre d'Oc cosmetics


Maquillage du Monde (Terre d’Oc Makeup collection)

While discovering the shop, I took time to try the make-up line. I did to myself an entire beauty treatment. Because I was already wearing some make-up, I needed first to clean my face and prepare it for the new makeup. My skin needed a refreshment, so I decided to start with the gentle but effective Makeup remover milk from the Pomegranate collection, designed for devitalized skin. After having removed all my previous makeup, I’ve gently tapped into my skin the Radiant face serum from the same collection. It is light, refreshing and it hydrates the skin quickly, without leaving it greasy.

Terre d'Oc

Around the eyes and on the lips I’ve gently massaged the Anti-aging Eye & Lip Care from the Fleurs de source collection. Because my skin needed an additional boost of hydration, I’ve decided to try a product that is for me one of the best from Terre d’Oc: the Antipollution Foundation (Fleurs de source collection). It has worked great! This light tinted fluid gives to the skin a natural glow, while the wakame seaweed extract protect the skin against pollution. It comes in one pearly beige-rosy color and is appropriate for normal skin. I’d suggest it especially when you need an extra product to improve the radiance of your skin and cancel the signs of fatigue. Where it was needed, I’ve concealed some imperfections, with the creamy concealer. Fortunately, the shade was right for my light skin, because it comes just in one shade, n.51 beige. This concealer is a Japan-inspired formula, with camellia oil and rice wax to hide imperfections and light up the complexion. Anyway, I’d suggest to make 2 additional colors for darker and medium skin tones. I’ve added some depth to my face with a touch of bronzer for light skin n. 801 (Soleil tendre Namib). There are 2 additional colors of bronzer, suitable for medium and darker skin tones. Then, I’ve continued with the blush n.821, a nice peachy shade, not too orangey! It suits great almost every skin tone and add that touch of healthy color on the cheeks. Another interesting product captured my attention: The eye kohl available in 5 colors. A real oriental touch for a mysterious look! I’ve used the brown one n.702 for lining the eyes. It has a soft texture and it is very easy to apply. In the crease of the eye lid I’ve applied the eyeshadow in powder n. 504 that gives to the eyes a slightly sparkling look, but still in natural earth shades. I have concluded the look on the eyes with the brown mascara n.31, inspired by Indian beauty secrets. I was satisfied with its lengthening and thickening effect. The lashes are nourished because of cocoa butter, rice and carnauba waxes, while mineral pigments add color. On the lips I have added just a touch of lipgloss in a nude earth tone n.304 to add color and hydration.

Terre d'Oc cosmetics

There is another useful product that I’d suggest in case of dry lips: Lip balm from the Coco collection. It is very nourishing because of coconut butter, handy and eco-friendly, because of its small package. And you get the same amount of product in it.

The entire Terre d’Oc makeup line – from inside out – is inspired by oriental women and their beauty rituals. The make-up line is designed to suit the needs of a woman who wants a natural look with safe ingredients, inspired by earth colors. The products have a good pigmentation and are easy to apply.

In conclusion, I want to mention another lovely thing that you can purchase in the shop: the Terre d’Oc booklets. They are made from eco-friendly paper, produced thanks to the bagasse from the valorization of sugar cane waste, and printed with vegetable-based inks in various sizes and colors. I’m really fascinated by them!

I have visited the boutique Terre d’oc in Paris (18e), Rue des Abbesses 38
photos: courtesy of Terre d’oc

My eco chic bags

Eco conscious style

One of my green recycling tips is avoid the use of plastic bags. I really don’t like tons of plastic bags around in the house! Instead I have a few favorite eco chic bags that I carry around with me. They are very handy especially when I go into the food market and I don’t have to use the plastic bags. Avoiding to use plastic bags means saving our planet and stop the pollution. If I have any plastic bags, I try to reuse them as much as I can. When I go shopping big quantities I have 2 bigger bags where I can put everything. This way I avoid picking plastic grocery bags.

Sometimes I use one of these cotton bags even instead of my hand bag, especially now in summer. It’s light and handy to carry around. I can also wash all of them, because they are made from organic cotton.

I received the first bag (from left) as a gift. It was bought in Loft 18, a nice eco boutique in Paris. The second bag is from the shop Made in the shade in Milano, where I was buying Dr.Bronner’s organic cosmetic. It is made from light cotton and is very useful, cause I can put it in every other bag, so I always have an additional bag with me, in case of extra shopping. I bought the third bag in H&M, because I like its inscription and shape.

What do you think about using a cotton shopping bag?

Pure & natural greenwashing



I got goose pimples when I saw an entire collection of “pure&natural” products from Nivea on the shelves of a shop! You will ask me: “Aren’t you happy that the world and companies are becoming more and more aware of going green and that they care for us and our planet?” I’d be happy, if the label would convince me with ingredients. For a multinational brand selling enormous quantities of products, it’s also almost impossible to produce really safe cosmetic with fresh ingredients without chemicals. A really good product made with organic herbs does not have a shelf life of years.
Most of us know that Nivea is selling us chemical cosmetics with non safe ingredients, like all big corporations. Now, they want to sell also “green and safe” products, with amazing advertising and beautiful pictures. Looking at this, another more important question came over in my head : “Aren’t they directly telling us, that in all their “non-natural” products they sell us toxic ingredients? In other words, they are telling us that their main range of products is highly toxic! This question is meant more for the reader, to reflect about it. Personally, I’m completely aware about their greenwashing and the misleading of the consumer.

Nivea new line is called Pure&Natural (and I guess that many other big companies will follow this trend sooner or later). Along some nice words about argan oil, honey, aloe vera and other plants, there is no further explanation about any certifications or other ingredients. For a big corporation is enough to write that they use organic plants. Without any certification, they easily claim to use organic and safe ingredients! I know this is enough for a mediocre consumer who blindly trusts and relates just on nice words and images. But it’s not enough for me. Nivea claims not to use silicones, parabens, chemical UV filters in the Pure&Natural line, which is true. But I’ve checked the labels and found inside many other toxic ingredients! What is worrying is their use of synthetic fragrances that give the product a pleasant “natural” scent like:

METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE: is a widely used preservative; has been associated with allergic reactions. Lab studies on the brain cells of mammals also suggest that methylisothiazolinone may be neurotoxic. Function/use(s): Fragrance ingredient; MASKING
LILIAL(butylphenyl methylpropanal): is a synthetic scent ingredient; associated with allergies and contact dermatitis. Function/use(s): Fragrance ingredient; MASKING
ALPHA-ISOMETHYL IONONE: Ionones are a group of naturally occurring and synthetically produced scent chemicals.

Among these there are also ingredients like: Phenoxyethanol, Linalool, Limonene, Citronellol,Geraniol, Parfum. Since there is no statement that these ingredients are compounds of high grade organic essential oils, it’s more than evident that big companies are misleading us again with words: natural, pure, green and organic. As you can see, there is no trace of real conscience for our health, helping people and the planet.

Maybe I have indirectly even advertised Nivea with mentioning them, but at the end, I’d like to let you know that not everything is so nice, pure and natural as it claims to be. You have to decide how green you really are!

Summer makeup tips

summer make-up

Many of you already came from the holidays, other ones still have to catch the last summer days of sun, sea and fun. Usually, we don’t wear lots of makeup in summer, especially, if we spend most time out in nature or lying on the beach. When reentering from vacations, or when going out in the evening, many women wish to prolongate their sun-kissed tan, or just to enhance it and give a touch of sparkle on the skin. I have made for you a nice list of green make-up summer products and explained the right choice of colors that enhance the bronzed skin. What we don’t want for sure are sticky and sliding products, melting and traveling all over the face. Sun-kissed skin love colors like: gold, peach, salmon, chocolate brown, bronze, copper, orange,… In summer we want to give sparkle to the eyes, to deep the tan and moisturize well the lips and the skin. If you may have freckles, which looks so lovely, never cover them!

The key is to keep everything very simple, fresh and natural with colors that enhance the tan and give that healthy glow!


Green makeup summer essentials

Satin shimmer eyeshadows

Choose a color that will bring out the color of your eyes, e.g. blue eyes will sparkle with a gold shimmer, brown eyes will shine with copper,…If you want a more harmonious look, choose among brown/bronze range. For the more courageous who love to play with make-up colors you can have fun with gold or turquoise blue shades. They look great on bronzed skin.
Green make-up loves Aqua, the sparkly blue/green mineral eyeshadow – a really striking colour from Lily lolo.
You can’t go wrong with a Gold dust from Alima pure.



Everyone looks better with a touch of bronzer, that enhances your white teeth and makes your skin look warmer. Read more about how to apply bronzer in one of my previous posts. The green make-up bronzer suggestion: Alima pure bronzer in many different shades for every skin tone.



If you wear bronzer and eyeshadow, you don’t need to wear blush, cause your make-up may end up looking too heavy. However, you can use just the blush on your own. Use a natural sparkling color in peach tones like Alima pure’s Sahara for a sparkling healthy look on deep tan skin. Or Juicy peach, a matte peach shade from Lily lolo will suit nicely the light tanned faces. Sweep it across the apple of the cheeks and on the eye lids with the same blush brush. It will look very natural and fresh.



A must-have to give you a healthy glow to the face and decollete. Pay attention to apply it just on the areas that need highlighting. Too much highlighter can make you look too greasy and shiny. If your skin is greasy and shiny, don’t use the highlighter! Instead, take with you the blotting paper to eliminate the unwanted shine from the face (T-zone).
Green make-up suggested highlighter: Vapour organic beauty
If you prefer powder highlighters, choose a nice one from Everyday minerals range. They look very natural on the skin.


Lip balm or lip gloss

In summer opt for a clear lip balm to hydrate your lips. If you want a touch of color, choose sheer colors, instead of thick, dark and heavy ones. Avoid too much sparkling and sticky glosses, cause you don’t want your entire face to shine too much. Nude, natural shades like Lily lolo clear lip gloss are an appropriate choice for your lips.


Nail polish

Have fun on your nails and choose between so many colors! I have attached my favorite summer colors from Zoya. They are in the standard range of polishes: Flowie – a matte creamy peach beige for a nude day look, Jinx – quite dark brown bronze with shimmer-an everlasting classic shade for summer. Ginger – a coral orange with golden shimmer for a funny bright summer!


Green makeup tip For “the lazy” ones who still want to look gorgeous 100 percent pure Fruit pigmented Pretty Naked palette is a great suggestion to look effortlessly chic anytime!


During summer say NO to: liquid and cream foundations, thick lipsticks, cream products on the eyes, heavy eyeliners and pencils.

What’s your favourite summer makeup or beauty routine?


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