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Beautiful skin – the mirror of our lifestyle


One of the most common questions that I receive from women of all ages is:

Tell me what do I have to use to have a bright, radiant, youthful skin without pimples and spots?

There are some essential facts that we should understand about our skin. Especially, when we have problems, it’s not enough just to buy a new beauty product or food supplements and think that we have done everything for our skin. We should start think about what is the function of our skin and ask ourselves what does make us so uncomfortable about and why?

Some facts about our skin that you should become aware of:

– our skin is our LARGEST ORGAN, doing important functions, in order that our body functions properly

– more than 70% of our body consists of water, this is why hydration is so important.

– the skin is the screen that shows everything what’s going on in our body: it shows the state of our organs and mirrors our emotions

For instance, did you know that millennia old traditional Chinese medicine, already knew that our skin reflects the state of our lungs and colon? Our body cleanses itself through breathing (the organ=lungs), but when there is too much of toxins in our body, then the body starts to detoxify through the skin. And this is one of the main reasons, to understand why just a cream won’t resolve skin problems. Because the problems are rooted deeper, inside of our body. And vice versa, our body is constantly polluted by outside factors, this is why we need to protect our skin as good as possible, with the best ingredients. The best ingredients are surely not meant by petrolatum derived ones and other chemical cocktails found in cosmetics and medicines. The reason is simple: synthetically produced ingredients don’t exist by nature (and they never existed) in our body. They are an outside, foreign body in our main body. In this case, our body needs to work much harder to detoxify all the junk stuff out. If your lifestyle is being always under stress, eating junk industrial food, using pharmacological medicines, using a lot of conventional cosmetics and house chemical cleaners, the result is being unhealthy, even depressed, without energy. Furthermore, our skin is not in a good condition and it starts showing the signs of this lifestyle. At minimum, there are dark circles around the eyes, problems with blemishes, spots, acne, quickly aging, too oily/dry/sensitive skin.
The body gets in this kind of conditions because it becomes over-acidified. The ph of the skin is not in balance and so our skin is showing signal signs that not everything is ok inside.

If you want to take the best care of yourself, you should change first the inside – accept yourself and your body. The next step is to change your lifestyle, which should not be something repressing. It should be a nice, spontaneous change filled with creativity in every field. I suggest you to take following baby steps towards your overall health, which will reflect on your skin:

– drink a lot of pure water, that helps your digestion and with this, it cleanses toxins from the body

– eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables in every form (you get vitamins, minerals, water)

– instead of industrial junk food, start using organic whole grains and minimally processed food

– include seeds and nuts on your daily basis menu  (a source of minerals, vitamins, fibers, high oil content, they are a highly prized food and energy source)

– in cooking start to avoid frying and use just cold-pressed oils like olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, which contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

– take care of your skin with massages and appropriate organic skin care (= what goes inside the body, should be used even on outside)

– remove your make-up regularly morning and evening

– move your body with physical activity

– start using natural cleansers in your house

– sleep enough

– from the inside: start to observe your emotions, your behaviors and try to keep yourself in balance with meditation, yoga or any self-relaxing technique

Maybe at first sight it seems that there is a lot of tasks to do, but if you do (and this is highly recommended) small baby steps, starting to make changes on one of these fields, everything will GUIDE you in the right direction. You will start to feel better and you will regain not just health and energy; you will improve your overall lifestyle!

Now, start to think a little bit about what you really want 🙂


(photo: Boris Gorjan)

Makeup colors heaven

Couleur caramel Maquillage caffè in Paris

Couleur caramel makeup boutique in Paris

I was curious to try the French make-up brand Couleur caramel for quite a long time, but I haven’t got any opportunity until yesterday. While walking across the city of Paris, I finally found out their Maquillage caffè, which is not just a regular cosmetic store, but an awesome place, where you can try all the products or have your makeup done by a makeup artist. Moreover, the interior is also designed in eco friendly spirit and equipped with furniture made from recycled materials. I find great the idea of having all the products stored in custom-made wooden palettes, that you can put them in front of your mirror, while doing your makeup.

Couleur caramel boutique

When I entered the shop, I was immediately helped by the sales person, who was very kind and helpful. She provided me all the products and informations I needed for doing my makeup and trying products. I was positively surprised by high hygienic standards. Sometimes, I encounter that makeup artists in many shops don’t use clean brushes. Here it was different. The lady brought me clean brushes and a new sponge. Great! On the make-up table there were also 3 skin care products: cleansing milk, toner and eye makeup remover, a box full of new eyeshadow applicators and cotton pads. Before doing my makeup, I’ve tried some products on my hand and realized that beside huge pigmentation and light but covering texture, the products don’t have any smell, which is very important, especially for sensitive skin.

Couleur caramel maquillage caffe paris

I wanted to do a natural day makeup on myself. I decided to use just a few products, but the right ones, like a good foundation, a covering concealer and pigmented colors. At the end I was very satisfied with the result. First, I have cleaned properly my face with the cleansing milk and toner, then I’ve applied the pre-makeup base. All these products have a very light, non greasy formula, but at the same time are very hydrating, which is very important for the skin. Then, I’ve applied my foundation. I have chosen the new liquid foundation Hydracoton n.3. I’ve covered my quite dark circles with the Corrective cream (a mix of n.3 and 4). I have also tried to cover some small red spots with the concealer pencil n.350 which did a great work for the entire day! The texture of the foundation was light but very comfortable to wear, like you don’t have any makeup. Since my skin is dry, I don’t need any powder and the liquid foundation stay on the entire day, too. I have sculpted my cheeks with a small amount of bronzer Teint de soleil. I mixed together n.24 and 25, a light mat bronzer and a touch of peach color on the apples of the cheeks and eyelids. Into the crease of the eyes I have added a touch of eyeshadow, a slightly shimmering browny taupe color. To conclude my look, I’ve applied the lengthening mascara in brown to achieve a natural day look. The result were long and full lashes, without clumping. The mascara comes in 4 colors: black, brown, aubergine and blue. For the lips I used the lip balm to nourish the lips. Then I just tapped in the lipstick from the last spring-summer collection Holi color in natural mat lip color shade of rosy berries n.250. The pigmentation was really good, but since my lips were a little bit dehydrated, I’ve applied on top a touch of clear lip gloss n.809.

Couleur caramel

I was really satisfied with my overall look, products and the service. I have just a small comment about the brushes, I have used synthetic brushes for applying my concealer and for the lips, which were very good. For the blush, I used the angled shaped brush from natural hair, which was ok, but since it wasn’t really soft, I’d be happier to see synthetic brushes in their collection, because they are a green brand. This is just my point of view, which does not reduce the overall good review of the brand.

Couleur caramel


Green makeup tip The product packaging is environmentally friendly and some products like creams and foundations have the refill option. You can buy separately nice eco-friendly empty glass jars where you can put your favorite cream or liquid foundation. Make-up products have also the refill option, that you can put in nice eco palettes.


Who already uses Couleur Caramel makeup?

How to: apply highlighter

how to apply highlighters

First spring days make you want a healthy look and light textures of makeup. When the first sun rays are shining on your face, you wish to have a radiant and glowing face. At this point, it’s good to know that many times women are confused how to achieve a glowing skin and thus they choose a wrong foundation that is too oily, or they apply too much shiny powders all over the face. The overall result is an oily looking face (like sweating), with no definition and without 3D effect, that the makeup should give to your face.


How to apply the highlighter and give the skin the real healthy glow?

On the face there are areas that recede and areas that are prominent. They give to our faces the 3D effect that is crucial to understand when doing our makeup, especially when using a highlighter. There are points on the face that catch the light and reflect it. You should apply the highlighter on these areas to get the desired glowing effect, otherwise your face will look evenly covered with a shiny texture without any definition. I’d avoid using highlighter on oily skin. If you really want, use it just on the brow bone and a small amount on the top of the cheeks. You also have to take in consideration the shape of your face.

Main points where to apply cream highlighter

brow bone


top of the cheekbones

bridge of the nose

top of lips (on the cupid bow)

chin (rarely)

where and how to apply highlighter


Green makeup tip The new generation of highlighters is a creamy formula and a light texture with light reflective particles. They are perfect to mix them in your foundation, or use them on top of your foundation, or if you have a perfect skin, you can use them alone directly on the skin.


Inika Light Reflect Highlighting Creme

One of my favorite is Inika, a mineral illuminating creamy highlighter. It is packed in a small 8g tube, but a little goes a long way. Its formula is oil-free and it absorbs quickly in the skin, giving it a youthful glow. I especially like the color, a pearly skin beige shade that matches very well almost every skin tone. The ingredients are mineral based and certified vegan, one of the best choices.

Inika makeup review

Inika makeup review

Other great creme highlighters that Green makeup also recommends

RMS beauty living luminizer

Vapour organic beauty trick stick

Organic glam Liquid Shimmer Highlighter

More details on these products will be presented in one of my next posts.

In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.  –Francis Bacon

Makeup trends for spring 2011

While checking new fashion trends, I couldn’t resist to share some of my favorites with you, too! At the beginning of every season I’m very excited to take a look on upcoming trends in fashion and beauty. At the same time, my head is full of new ideas, images and color combinations that I apply on myself and others. I let the inspiration come in from everywhere. That’s why I invite you to take a look at new trends for this spring to get some new inspiration, but be aware not to follow them blindly. Discover your style! Look forward for what you really like and then melt together all the knowledge and news with your intuition and taste. Be unique, with a lot of style! Don’t be afraid to discover and put together new colors; not just in makeup, also in the way you dress, in the house, everywhere! It’s not a coincidence that I was searching for a certain Coco Chanel quotation on style and I found even a better one:

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

(Coco Chanel)

Here are a few images from fashion runways for spring 2011, that I really like. I’ve chosen fresh looks, that make you feel very feminine and at the same time at ease. You will achieve them with small effort and with subtlety in choosing colors that gives you a fresh and natural face, full of healthy glow. In my opinion, spring is the time when you need a touch of color to make your face alive. It’s time to discover cream makeup products, that are easy to use and   give you that inexplicable radiance on your face.
I wish you to step into the spring with a lot of new inspirations and a fresh wave on your face 🙂


Greenwashing and awareness when buying natural products


Yesterday, while I was shopping in different places, where two interesting things caught my attention. First, I was in a shop where I often buy organic food. The shop is nice and they have a lot of really good brands and products, among which they sell also a few cosmetic brands. I have already checked the cosmetics that they sell and I was quite upset . The brands are better than the drugstore ones, but they aren’t organic at all. So I decided not to buy cosmetics there. Otherwise, they are really cool. Anyway, while I was paying and almost going out from the shop, I noticed a man who was reading labels on the bottles of that cosmetic and checking something. Suddenly, he asked the seller: “Is this product certified organic?” And the seller replied: ” Yes, of course it’s all natural and organic and really good.” In that moment I realized that he was checking and trying hard to understand if the cosmetic was organic. Surely, he asked for advice in hope to get an appropriate answer.

The second similar case was in another shop, where I usually don’t buy. Sometimes, I buy there just small empty glass containers for my home-made cosmetics. They sell “natural” products, that kind of product with just the label natural on. Surprisingly, the same story repeated. When I was paying, a lady beside me, asked the seller if the product that she was looking at (it was a usual toothpaste) is really natural like the label claims. Obviously, the seller (again) publicized the purity and quality of that “natural” product. In that moment the lady was relieved and she bought the product in good faith that is natural.

My mind was full of questions after these two events. I recognized the phenomenon of greenwashing, about which I was reading recently. Shortly, greenwashing is a misleading advertising in different forms, that makes you believe that a usual company just by naming products green/natural/organic, is responsible for the environment and the organic quality of that product. However, many times, this is just a marketing strategy to sell more. Someone noticed that “natural” sells good and that became almost a trend. Consequently, a new selling niche was born.

In my case, on one hand, I was asking myself how can someone just blindly believe in nice words? On the other hand, I understood the seller; she was just doing her job. Let’s suppose, she knew that the product was not organic because of some harmful ingredients, still, her situation was not easy in that moment. Many years ago, I was in a similar situation, too.

You will maybe want to know why I haven’t said anything in both cases? Because I realized everything, while going out from the second shop. In short, this was a nice lesson for me to think about and to realize that I am really happy that I’ve chosen to expand my and others awareness about this topic. I’m also glad that people are becoming more and more interested in natural products. We certainly need to learn more and move to the next level, but it’s very good that these changes in perception are becoming visible. Right now, I am also preparing new courses about green beauty and make-up, its correct use and buying with awareness. However, I respect others choices and I’m not forcing no one to follow my opinion, but I feel good when I think that I can contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and its habitants (animals included).

“All that glitters is not gold”

is a well-known saying and I say:

“All that looks green is not always green.”



Freshly made: Organic tinted lip balm

Foto: Boris Gorjan

If you need an original idea for Christmas gifts, make a tinted lip balm in unique shades. It’s very easy!

You need virgin coconut oil and a pinch of your favorite mineral blush color (shimmer, pink, coral, beige). You can add 2 drops of natural vanilla extract if you want a nice smell. In summer I like the fresh smell of lavender essential oil (just a drop).

Preparation: In a pan with hot water put a little jar with coconut oil and dissolve it, so that it becomes liquid. Mix your favorite colors inside, add two drops of vanilla extract. When cool, your balm is made to care your lips. You can have fun with different colors and effects, mix 2 colors, experiment with shimmer or matte effects. Enjoy!

Find also some nice glass or plastic empty pots and put inside the balm. Make a nice gift package when the balm inside is already solid.

In the picture below is my home-made lip balm in a shimmer coral golden shade. If you want a stronger color, just put more mineral pigment.

lip balm

Here is also an example of my work, where I wanted to achieve a natural appearance of sheer and well cared lips with a natural lip balm and just a touch of natural color.

(top photo: Boris Gorjan)

The story of cosmetics

Watch the story of cosmetics and learn more about what we put on our skin and the truth behind many times too nice words.

We can change the situation by becoming more aware of what we buy and use everyday on our skin.

You can find more informations about the topic at Campaign for safe cosmetics

Some good advices before shopping green beauty products

Nice package and amazing advertising does not assure the quality of a product

Have you ever asked yourself what are you putting on your skin when you try your new natural body moisturizer with that fantastic smell of tropical fruits?

Do you really believe to the nice words of the seller who claim that their products are totally natural, green and safe and who is trying to just quickly sell you their latest product?

Is really the product with the label eco/green/natural,…safe and non-toxic?

Do you pay attention to the label with ingredients on the back of the product?

If you are becoming green conscious and aware about what you put on your largest organ than it’s time to start buying your cosmetic with a new attitude. And believe me you’ll be just happier and surprised on the results. For me the most important thing is the result. When I did my first skin care with organic products, the results were just amazing! Since then I started to look at the label with ingredients, to change some habits concerning beauty and much more.


Some quick advices on how to start shopping green cosmetics

Checking the label with ingredients on the back side of your product is the most important thing. That means that you have to understand which ingredients are good for your skin and which ones you have to avoid. You can check the ingredients or product brands on the fantastic site where you find all the information about cosmetic ingredients. You can make a list of the most harmful products and bring with you when you go shopping. You can find lists of harmful ingredients also on the site Health report.

Don’t trust the label green/natural/bio/organic. Just the name does not assure you the real quality. Check also the certificates, such as ECO CERT, SOIL ASSOCIATION, BDIH, USDA,…Eventhough the product is labeled with this certificates, I still check the label with ingredients.

Don’t believe in every miracle that the advertising and celebrities are promoting. Understand that they are payed for their job. I worked with many models who are aware about harmful cosmetics that they have to put on their face while working. This is why many of them choose for their personal use organic and safe products. And above all, their look on images is a product of a good make-up artist, hairstylist, photographer and the special magic touch on the skin is added by the retoucher. So, accept your unique beauty!

Spend your money wisely. Sometimes the price can be (but in most cases is not) a little bit higher than of an average product. But the truth is that the organic philosophy of skin care is different from the commercial one. You don’t need a lot of different products for your skin care, but just the right one of excellent quality. So it’s worth to invest your money in good products. At the end you will realize that you’ve spent more money before when you bought different cleansers, day&night&eye creams, serums, tonics, masks,…That is just marketing. Sometimes you can even make some new cosmetics at home; a nice honey mask or a salt scrub; read a book about home made cosmetic and try something new and fresh!

Hygiene is the keyword in most cases of contamination, bacterial infection,…I always warn about the correct and hygienically use of cosmetic products. Don’t share your creams, lotions, make-up products. Don’t apply cosmetic on your face with dirty fingers. Pay attention to the shelf life of your product and how long is open. Especially with organic cosmetic.

And above all, don’t think this is difficult, it’s just a new way of thinking.

If you have any questions on the topic just come around on my blog, I’ll be glad to help you!



Do you really nourish your skin and feel good in it?

Do you really nourish your skin and feel good in it

Nowadays, we believe that we will fight skin related problems such as dryness and many others with that nice smelling body butter that we bought, the new dry oil that absorbs so quickly,…? Well, that is not entirely true.

First of all, we have to understand what our skin is and then what do we really put on. Don’t believe to every word and nice picture that the beauty industry is proposing to you and make believe to millions of women that they don’t feel good in their own skin and consequently that they absolutely need the latest hot beauty product that will make miracles. It’s time to understand that things don’t work that way. You’ve already heard that the skin is our largest organ that “we carry around” and that absorbs most of substances that we apply on it. The skin is the outer covering of the body. Its main functions are to protect our body from outside environment and against excessive water loss. Skin is made up of multiple layers of ectodermal tissue and guards the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments and internal organs. Skin is also the organ of sensation that contains a variety of reactive nerve endings. It has also a psychological function; the mood and the physical state on the face speaks without words.

In brief, the most important thing is that our skin functions normally and renews itself, if our body and mind are in harmony. With bombarding each day our skin with several different cocktails of chemicals in beauty products, food and medicines we have forgotten how does it looks like having a normal, healthy and radiant skin. It’s not a problem if we love taking care and decorating our face, but we need to make some steps further and start caring for our health and the health of our planet.

There are more factors concerning the health of our skin:

The use of safe cosmetic products: start to use cosmetics with no (or at least fewer)synthetic chemicals than in conventional brands. The main problem is the excessive use of harmful chemicals that don’t exist by default in our body. The overdose of chemical mixes in different products accumulates in skin tissues. Consequently, the body cannot detoxify itself. The result is the accumulation of harmful substances that are not normal for our body and when it comes to this we talk about disease.

Becoming aware what we put into our bodies; What food do we eat? Fresh, daily prepared and organically grown? Do we include vegetables and fruit in our daily menu? Or we always eat just junk food with many preservatives and other unnatural substances? Remember, what you put in your body, that is what you get (on your)? outside. The skin reflects the health state of your body, the function of your organs, your mood,…

Limited use of medicines: medicines contain a lot of chemical substances that don’t exist in our bodies naturally. With excess use of medicines, the organs have to work more in order to establish the body natural state and to eliminate out all that is not appropriate and natural for our body.

Take your time to relax: understand that the body, mind and the spirit are all connected. The more positive and relaxed is your view about life, the healthier you will be.

You should also understand that when you start using organic cosmetics, your skin has to adapt to it. This is because non organic cosmetic brands use large quantities of by-products of petroleum refining that are extremely difficult to remove, can clog skin pores and prevent skin to breathe. So when one stops using this products full of harmful substances the skin starts to detox = cleansing itself of chemical residues. Be patient and allow one month for the skin to adjust.

At the end, I know that is hard to choose quickly a safe beauty product in this flood of cosmetic products and different beauty topics, but if we choose a middle way and make a little effort, we can do it.

My purpose is to help you and keep you updated with fresh informations about green and healthy beauty choices.

So I invite you to read my blog about becoming green conscious in your beauty choices.


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Welcome to my green make-up and beauty diary!

Welcome to my green make-up and beauty diary!

I’ll keep you informed about nature and human friendly organic cosmetics from make-up to skincare.

You will also discover my philosophy of beauty that lies inside us.

I’ll show you my tips&tricks as a make-up artist and much more.

You’re kindly invited to join me on this exciting green journey with your comments and feedbacks:)

Credits for the welcome photo:

Photo: Boris Gorjan

Model: Aryn@Joy

Hair: Paolo Soffiatti@CloseupMilano

Makeup: Dasha Grozdanic


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